Special Tricks

Firzen is an effect of combining Firen and Freeze.
To obtain it, both have to be in the same team and have to have no more than 25% life points.
When they come close to each other, there is an explosion and Firzen appears.


If you want ot change Louis into Louis EX, the first one he has to have no more than 33% life points.
At that point press D+J+A.


When Julian do Big Bang (D+up+J) Firen must do Explosion.
Then Firen change into Julian.


When Rudolf hold enemy, he can change into him.
You must hold enemy and push D+J+A. You can return to Rudolf by pushing D+J+A.

Character Control
margarina on July 12 2007 16:22:28
Good. I try it. Works great.
lukeface on November 26 2007 06:19:48
byby on December 03 2007 03:59:39
russell_1998 on December 18 2007 03:10:53
THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME GAME EVER!!!!!!!smileysmileysmiley
kajumbi on December 18 2007 22:44:42
Giovani on January 07 2008 11:56:48
stang45 on March 16 2008 22:46:57
WOW that was awesome people!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
Master Firz on April 27 2008 11:00:45
Firen turn to juilan???smiley
Senglawt on May 05 2008 06:40:40
I can't do it. Can you all help me
Sasuke422 on May 11 2008 11:20:57
Sasuke422 on May 11 2008 11:21:15
caicte on May 21 2008 17:17:41
Actualy, you can turn into Dark Julian by playng with Julian And louisEx, and when low life run into eatch other... Im not shure that itworks, but try it...
little doom on May 22 2008 15:29:19

caicte on May 26 2008 09:28:48
I gues its good, but you could find some cheats on internet anyway... smiley
jundi20 on August 03 2008 09:30:46
Dark Julian??? wow....!?

i can't change firen to julian......
kangqu on August 26 2008 04:31:44
russell_258 on November 28 2008 12:48:43
put a character control guide of goku pls...
anilanil001 on February 16 2009 08:54:52
Blaze123456 on March 04 2009 00:31:17
how do u download it??????????????????????????????????????????? smiley
Majin on March 19 2009 08:32:14
very good.........i couldn't now how firen change into juliansmileysmileysmileysmiley
kubalski77 on May 01 2009 13:50:40
JULIAN is boss for Doctor Evil is dark Julian
darkusan on June 27 2009 18:09:37
smiley (french message) je connais tou sa
Leo G on August 15 2009 14:13:57
i failed try to change firen to julian... anyone have the record?
Template on August 26 2009 17:34:45
Firen is change to Julian. It' s very hard trick!!1
Template on August 26 2009 17:36:00
is -> can
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