Game Through Internet - Multiplayer
Posted by admin on May 01 2009 14:46:02
Now I will shortly write how to play Little fighter 2 in multiplayer mode.

First of all you go to the network game in lf2 menu.

If you want to wait for any player you choose “waiting for opponent”. But before that you have to give him your IP address. When the game IP doesn’t work you have to go to the website and then you’ll see your IP on the website.

If your friend gave you his IP then you enter “connect for opponent”, write IP and press OK in your Little FIghter 2.

If you cannot connect with the opponent, and he cannot connect with you, you have to check if you both have the same version of the game. If it still doesn’t work try to download program called hamachi from and connect through it. You and your opponent shoud download the same version of hamachi.

In brief hamachi is the program to create virtual hubs.

To sum up, the live game through Internet with friends is the best entertainment which you can achieve by the use of computer. But you have to be careful about the addiction. There are some people who play LIttle Fighter 2 and other games online whole day :D

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