Commands - Come, Stay, Move
Posted by admin on May 01 2009 15:07:43
In Stage Mode commands are very important. Sometimes there is need to order the team to charge to the attack but sometimes it may happen that waiting for the enemy is a better solution.

You should test all tactics. When there are many characters in the team it would be a waste of potencial not to use all of them.

An interesting tactic is leaving your team behind (Stay) and go alone to fight. Then all waiting characters are packed and loaded to strike in the crucial moment. For example Firen has an ability to burn everyone in a blink of an eye which causes havoc in opponent’s team. SORCERER and FIRZEN have a similar ability.


D – Defense A – Attack J – Jump

And that’s the way to call commands:

Come - D + J + D + J Stay - D + D + D + D Move - D + A + D + A

Of course you can stay alone on the back (Move) and wait patiently for the results of the battle.