FAQ: Cheats
How to unlock all fighters?
Type "lf2.net" at the selection screen (this screen is after main menu, when you choose a character).

There are more cheats?
Yes there are!

Type in during the game:

F6 - Infinite mana
F7 - Recover all
F8 - Fall objects
F9 - Destroy objects

Remember! These cheats can't be used only in championship mode.

How to hack all characters in data.txt?
You must locate the data.txt file in the game directory. Open it with Notepad or Word and search for the string id: 11 type: 0 file: datadavis.dat and append the following lines:

id: 12 type: 0 file: datalouisEX.dat
id: 13 type: 0 file: dataknight.dat
id: 14 type: 0 file: databandit.dat
id: 15 type: 0 file: datahunter.dat
id: 16 type: 0 file: datamark.dat
id: 17 type: 0 file: datajack.dat
id: 18 type: 0 file: datasorcerer.dat
id: 19 type: 0 file: datamonk.dat
id: 20 type: 0 file: datajan.dat
id: 21 type: 0 file: datafirzen.dat
id: 22 type: 0 file: datajustin.dat
id: 23 type: 0 file: databat.dat
id: 24 type: 0 file: datajulian.dat

Save the file and reboot the game.
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