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Date Added: 02.09.2007 15:28:35
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Files .dat copy to "data" folder.
Files .bmp copy to "sprite/sys" folder.

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Pommes on October 12 2007 19:28:54
its a nice picturesmiley
bloodyd4527 on December 26 2007 19:04:21
what are the combos cuz i cant summon that demon or black hole
hugotr on February 10 2008 11:50:48
Charecter from the legendary stubit mod Lf2Elemental chaos
retasLT on February 14 2008 08:54:16
why i dont get him i put everything in place smiley and i start the game but i can't chose chaos
pablo45 on March 16 2008 19:59:33
and my problem how i putt what i donwload off characters how i go to play i dont see that character and BTW retas And im lithuania as ir lietuvis
Prakhar on May 04 2008 14:23:00
it does not shows up when choosing character
tutis17 on September 04 2008 06:39:00
As ir Lietuvis smiley
Pein on September 19 2008 16:45:06
nu ir as cia lietuvis smiley smiley
ManBull on July 13 2009 19:53:29
I can be that Charracter but he cant do his Chaos_ball.datsmiley
TheFeNiX32 on August 20 2009 15:32:21
To Use Chaos Go In data,Post id: 52 type: 0 file: data\chaos.dat
id: 667 type: 3 file: data\chaos_ball.dat
id: 668 type: 3 file: data\chaos_blackhole.dat
id: 669 type: 3 file: data\chaos_deathdemon.dat

And.For Use Chaos In The Game is also when the Select Character Type To Appear him!!!
mega_firzen on November 08 2009 01:59:49
it does not work can someone help me plz
jimdoking on December 19 2009 17:25:45
HAHAHAHAHA It works in Lf2 Night go here download the game and then try
dzivlittlefighter on December 26 2009 09:09:27
is it good ? char ?
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