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File Name: LF 4 Turbo
File Size: 33,6 mb
Date Added: 03.04.2008 01:54:52
Downloads: 65535

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Mod with fantastic characters. When you will download LF 4 Turbo just play Stage Mode. This is very good mod!

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Awesome! Awesome! 89% [16 Votes]
Very Good Very Good 0% [No Votes]
Good Good 0% [No Votes]
Average Average 0% [No Votes]
Poor Poor 11% [2 Votes]
LifeMix on April 15 2008 13:23:53
vpddy 5 cant open haha.waw
dunce326 on April 20 2008 20:10:06
geras modassmiley
Master Firz on April 27 2008 11:16:34
Zyhu on May 17 2008 12:20:43
awsome smiley
lukaaas on May 28 2008 08:16:21
o cia dar LT yra?
masher on June 03 2008 03:09:18
how u downlaod?
stat251097 on June 04 2008 18:34:45
lf4!uf some one dont know the code for more players is ""
i palive that you know it and this game is the best.
pierpaolo on June 13 2008 18:08:22
a me non mi va il giocosmileysmiley
pierpaolo on June 13 2008 18:08:45
to me I will not be playing
danial on July 22 2008 08:36:08
danial on July 22 2008 08:36:33
xbullet on August 17 2008 08:58:05
cool modas smileysmileysmiley
64559515 on September 01 2008 09:01:24
a963 on September 07 2008 08:38:47
THIS IS THE BESTEST LF2 IN THE WORLDsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
marcin1693 on October 01 2008 16:28:13
when i try to load it i get error "cant load art surface" something is wrong with firzen_4.bmp
64559515 on October 18 2008 07:15:24
playing PVP is oso ok!smiley
stevenexcel on November 09 2008 06:48:10
To those units who can't create art surface, just reboot your computer and switch it to 16 bit color. smiley
bugmenot on December 01 2008 08:56:00
when we use one of the power of bat, error appears
it shows error
bugmenot on December 01 2008 08:57:01
if you have the direct installation exe, share us
ege664 on December 17 2008 21:17:37
guys im trying to add new charachters to the game with the introductions but its not working can u help me plzz???
justviewade on December 25 2008 08:28:29
how are henry skill ?
justviewade on December 25 2008 08:30:26
Please give me the link Skill Little Fighter 4 turbo !
cjc17 on February 05 2009 13:31:59
im trying to add tiger and others but it says "couldn't create art surface something wrong with Tiger_f help me pl0x
brejker on April 05 2009 19:18:01
lol this noob game llololol a po polaksu to guwno
1022201 on June 23 2009 05:46:03
hey can someone please send this game to me everytime i download it it shows the internet icon and makes me go on the internet i cant download it.....
1022201 on June 23 2009 05:46:48
oh my e-mail is forgot to put it lol
gigisdet on December 05 2009 19:10:15
gras zaidimas smagiai palost galismileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
Emiliovas on January 05 2010 12:27:11
Bon! Good! Geras! Labs! Charaso! smiley But still need something 4/5
Emiliovas on January 05 2010 12:27:11
Bon! Good! Geras! Labs! Charaso! smiley But still need something 4/5
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