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Date Added: 31.08.2007 11:49:58
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Dragon Ball Modification

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Awesome! Awesome! 89% [40 Votes]
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Poor Poor 9% [4 Votes]
Wreckaleck on November 15 2007 15:53:47
is this any good?
PopQ on January 07 2008 04:15:31
its extremely good smiley its so good you'll do this smiley
RyoRichard on January 13 2008 12:06:02
SUPER COOOOOOOOL even Ryo Richard (me) say its good
dddo0 on January 28 2008 10:03:20
i downloaded it and now what do i do i saved it on the data folder in lttle fighter 2 and its an internet file that dident affect the gamesmiley what do i do to make it work la
BladeOfGod on February 25 2008 17:38:21
hey how do i play da game i also downloaded it so plz tell me wut 2 do
Cgzoewnsoaidoklasm on March 21 2008 08:06:30
paulg on March 29 2008 12:34:40
Saimis on April 30 2008 14:23:51
I love this mod smileysmileysmiley
Nekketsu on May 19 2008 10:29:11
Thank you very much!!
frantic619 on June 17 2008 01:26:44
What do I do after downloading the game onto the data file?
KhanZ on August 15 2008 13:35:51
New version : 3.0 !
roy siwarda on September 09 2008 04:53:04
one question this is the lastest version or the 2.5 ver. the 2.5 ver is really cool but lost some datas and i come to downloaded again =)
Rockerboy89 on October 22 2008 21:06:50
what convert boo in majin boo?all the tricks for this game?i cant do it.please if you know it respond me in my e-mail
stevenexcel on November 09 2008 06:51:30
Those who can't play the game after downloading... check again the file and install it first before playing.
alkraine on March 20 2009 15:17:41
let me explain after you install finish i know you see your desktop nothing happened right??????? you sure say what happened i wan play idiot com!!!!!!!!!!! But got me NoNoNO!!! after you install finish go to local disk C click on program files then you find a file call dbzlf2 or what but write dbzlf2 meaning then you press and press tt play
qwert on March 26 2009 05:53:47
download data changer v1.5 and switch data for chaouzu with data for super_c17.if you have done this correctly then you will get android 17.this way you can switch krillin kishot data with spirit and krillin fires spirit bombs very works
eryk123621 on May 28 2009 14:50:08
i hate this when the game closes AUTOMATICLY
AnjingL on December 01 2009 07:19:29
i download this game,,,
but i cant play it,,,,
it say something wrong with the bmp file in sprite,,,
it say something like that file is stupid,,,,smiley
1234gohan on December 12 2009 10:23:02
hey all the guys that lf2dbz is not working because u dont have the latest version of winrar
Emiliovas on January 05 2010 12:28:28
Best mod!!!!! 5/5
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